Wood Fillers

Professionally Transform Wooden Surfaces

Whether you’re restoring wooden furniture, repairing timber window frames, or rejuvenating rotten wood. Our high-quality range of wood fillers provides the perfect solution. We offer:

  • Water-based wood filler for easy application and cleanup
  • Exterior-grade wood fillers for outdoor projects and exposed wooden surfaces
  • Quick drying repair solutions for combating wood decay and rot
  • Durable 2 part wood fillers for structural repairs and restoration
  • Stainable fillers for seamless blending with natural wood grains
2-Part High Performance Wood Filler

High Strength two part filler for quick drying repairs to all types of damaged or rotten wood that's located either inside or outside.

Quick Drying Wood Repair

A quick drying repair product that binds and hardens decaying wood to stop rot and provide a solid base for filling.

Ready to Use Wood Filler

Quickly and easily fill holes in wood and leave a tough, weatherproof finish that won’t shrink or crack