Wall Fillers

Revitalise Your Walls With Professional-Grade Fillers for Flawless Surfaces

Elevate interior and exterior spaces with our wide range of high-quality wall fillers. We offer extensive filling solutions for preparing all kinds of wall surfaces, prior to decorating. So for every job, you can achieve outstanding and dependable results. Our range includes:

  • All-purpose fillers for versatility across various wall materials
  • Fine surfacers for flawless paint finishes
  • Lightweight fillers for trouble free application
  • Wood fillers for repairing and restoring damaged wooden surfaces
  • High-performance multi purpose jointing compounds
  • Rapid drying fillers for quick repairs on time-sensitive projects
Classic Wall Filler

All purpose powdered filler that's suitable for general filling of a wide range of new or renovated interior substrates, either unpainted or painted.

Masonry-Repair Filler

Shrink-free powdered filler with high adhesion that can be used for a wide range of repairs inside or outside.

Multi-Purpose Filler

Versatile, high performance renovation filler that can stick, smooth, level and decorate all types of surface.

Rapid Drying Exterior Filler

Ready mixed and easy to use lightweight paste for rapid repairs on external walls. Fill to any depth and paint in just 2 hours.

Rapid-Drying Filler

High performance powdered filler with a short, open working time making it perfect for working quickly when filling interior cracks, holes and notches.

Ready To Use Classic Filler

Easy to use smooth white paste thats ideal for filling small interior or exterior holes on walls and ceilings.

Ready To Use Fine-Surface Filler

A resin emulsion thats ideal for preparing interior walls and ceilings for painting to give an enhanced finish.

Ready To Use Ultra-Light Filler

High-performance fast drying filler for making speedy repairs to walls and ceilings in just one application

Rock-Hard Repair Filler

Ultimate high performance powdered repair and finishing filler that can be used anywhere.