Ready To Use Fillers

Handy and Convenient Ready Mixed Solutions.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in the world of decorating, our high-quality ready to use fillers are the perfect companion for creating beautiful services, without the fuss of mixing.

  • Save precious time and work, with no mixing required
  • Easy to apply straight from the pack using a filling knife or your fingers. (Please note some products require an easy to use applicator gun)
  • Produce consistent results every time and enjoy a professional filler finish
  • Use small batches, replace the lid and save your filler ready for use later.
Decorators Caulk

Fast drying acrylic gap filler that remains moderately flexible when dry.

Rapid Drying Exterior Filler

Ready mixed and easy to use lightweight paste for rapid repairs on external walls. Fill to any depth and paint in just 2 hours.

Ready To Use Classic Filler

Easy to use smooth white paste thats ideal for filling small interior or exterior holes on walls and ceilings.

Ready To Use Fine-Surface Filler

A resin emulsion thats ideal for preparing interior walls and ceilings for painting to give an enhanced finish.

Ready To Use Ultra-Light Filler

High-performance fast drying filler for making speedy repairs to walls and ceilings in just one application

Ready to Use Wood Filler

Quickly and easily fill holes in wood and leave a tough, weatherproof finish that won’t shrink or crack