Powder Fillers

Benefit From the Power of Powder For Impeccable Filling Results.

Our range of professional powder fillers is specifically designed to meet the precise needs of pro decorators, as well as DIY enthusiasts. Each distinct product offers exceptional performance alongside versatility, to ensure a smooth and durable finish, whilst saving you time and effort:

  • Quick drying powder: Ideal for projects with tight deadlines
  • All purpose powder: Easy to use classic filler for a wide range of indoor repairs and paint preparation
  • Exterior powder: Specifically formulated for use on masonry and to withstand the harsh British weather
  • Multi purpose powder: Versatile high performance fillers for joining, levelling and finishing walls on renovation jobs
Classic Wall Filler

All purpose powdered filler that's suitable for general filling of a wide range of new or renovated interior substrates, either unpainted or painted.

Masonry-Repair Filler

Shrink-free powdered filler with high adhesion that can be used for a wide range of repairs inside or outside.

Multi-Purpose Filler

Versatile, high performance renovation filler that can stick, smooth, level and decorate all types of surface.

Rapid-Drying Filler

High performance powdered filler with a short, open working time making it perfect for working quickly when filling interior cracks, holes and notches.

Super-Fine Repair Filler

High performance powdered repair and finishing filler that can be used inside or outside.