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March 2, 2020

Fill & Finish More Wood With Filltite

Filltite Goes Further Than Other Brands

You get better value for money with Filltite thanks to a special vacuum process that’s used during manufacturing. In a nutshell, Filltite 2-Part high performance wood filler fills more holes than the leading competition.

This leading manufacturing process produces an efficient, super smooth paste so that when it’s mixed with the special hardener, that’s used on all 2-Part products. It will fill up to 18% more volume than competitor products of the same weight.

With Filltite you can fill up to 18% more volume from a pack that weighs exactly the same as a leading competitors product.

When buying fillers it’s not the products weight that counts towards getting good value for money, it’s the products ability to fill space. Confusingly the common way that most wood fillers are currently sold from shelves in UK merchants and retailers is based on their weight, with unit pricing often being used to compare each products value for money.

This can be misleading because it’s actually possible for lower quality products that are cheap to manufacture to weigh more than a high performance product and in turn appear to be better value for money once it’s sat on the retailers shelf!

With Filltite’s superior formula you can confidently rely on an economical, pinhole-free, super smooth finish that’s fast drying, shapable and durable in all weather conditions.


Filltite 2-Part High Performance wood fillers are available in Natural, White and Dark colours across a range of convenient pack sizes.

We’re Also Styrene Free

Styrene is widely regarded as a “known carcinogen”, especially in case of eye contact, but also in case of skin contact, of ingestion and of inhalation. A carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that promotes carcinogenesis, the formation of cancer.

Health Hazard Pictogram

Since 2018 all Filltite 2-Part Wood Fillers Have Been “Styrene” Free

Unlike some of our competitor wood filler products that are currently on the market. Filltite products are safer to use and importantly do not contain Styrene. Filltite has been styrene free since 2018

Inferior 2-Part wood fillers that still contain styrene and / or any other nasty ingredients can be quickly identified by checking the back of the packaging. In the products health & safety section if the Long Term Health Hazard pictogram, shown on the right, is displayed then you can be sure that it contains Styrene.


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