Quick Drying Wood Repair

A quick drying repair product that binds and hardens decaying wood to stop rot and provide a solid base for filling.

General Details

You don’t always need to replace rotten wood because you can repair it instead, with our quick drying resin.

This product hardens wood to stop wet rot and prevent it from spreading further. It’s suitable for use on all types of wood and can be used inside or outside on doors, windows and frames. Which makes it an ideal product for preparing wood prior to filling and being brought back to life.

Key Features
  • Repairs Rotten Wood
  • Quick Drying
  • Interior & Exterior Use
  • Soaks Deep To Strengthen Rotten Wood
  • Sets Rock Hard
  • Creates A Strong Base For Filling Cracks & Holes
  • Plastic Lid Doubles As Dispenser


Created and manufactured in Great Britain.

Technical Info
Technical Characteristics
  • Mixing: Ready to use
  • Colour: Clear
  • Application Method: Paint brush
  • Application Depth: Any
  • Drying Time: Sets from 1 hour.
  • VOC: Very high.
Product Code Size Barcode
F18110 250 ml 5060084181106

Avoid contact with sensitive surfaces such as finished paint or plastic,