Premier Radiator Brush

Brushes with an angled head and flat rattail handles to provide reach access around awkward corners and obstacles while still allowing complete control.

General Details

Carefully produced by hand to a very high standard all Premier brushes feature the perfect combination of bristle and nylon fibres. Soft bristle helps absorb paint while the rigidity of nylon fibres aides quick, even paint application with a flawless finish.

Radiator brushes have long flat handles that help you effortlessly paint with control and precision, while making it easy to reach awkward areas. They feature an angled head which allows access around corners and obstacles while still allowing complete control.


Key Features
  • Suitable for all types of paint & varnish
  • Made and shaped by hand
  • Extra adhesive layer to prevent bristle & fibre loss
  • Balanced combination of bristle & nylon fibres
  • Long square handle
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel furrule
Technical Info
Technical Characteristics
  • Handle Material: Varnished responsibly sourced wood
  • Handle Type: Flat rattail
  • Brush Material: Bristle and nylon fibres
  • Brush Tip Shape: Straight
  • Brush Head Adjustment: Fixed angle


Product Code Size Barcode
R18000 25mm 3561810051837
R18002 35mm 3561810051851
R18004 45mm 3561810051875
R18005 50mm 3561810051882