2-Part High Performance Wood Filler

High Strength two part filler for quick drying repairs to all types of damaged or rotten wood that's located either inside or outside.

General Details

A rapid setting two-part wood filler thats suitable for use with all kinds of wood as well metal and stone work. Specially formulated to provide high performance, durable, long lasting repairs that resist cracking and shrinking in all weather conditions.

Quickly Repair Wood

You can fill to any depth and once dry (in as little as 30 minutes) the filler can be shaped, sanded, drilled, screwed, painted or stained.

Key Features
  • Repair and restore and rotten wood
  • Interior & exterior use
  • Fill to any depth
  • Fills more volume than competitor products*
  • Rapid setting
  • Easy to Sand
  • Can be painted or stained
  • Won’t shrink or crack
  • Does not contain Styrene**


*Filltite 2-Part Wood Filler goes up to 18% further than some other brands. Filltite is a low density filler which is specially manufactured using a vacuum process. This produces a super smooth finish that fills more volume from the same equivalent weight as competitor products.

**Unlike some other brands, because it doesn’t contain Styrene, Filltite 2-Part Wood Filler is safer to use. Meeting all the latest health and safety regulations.

Created and manufactured in Great Britain.

Technical Info
Technical Characteristics
  • Mixing: Mix a golf ball volume of filler (approx 38mm diameter) and a 38mm strip of hardener into a paste using the spatula provided
  • Application Depth: Any
  • Open Time: 10 minutes maximum
  • Setting Ends: In 30 minutes
  • Shrinkage: None at any depth
  • Temperature Resistance: -20ᴼC to +100ᴼC
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
F18221 250 g Natural 5060084181014
F18222 500 g Natural 5060084182226
F18223 1.0 kg Natural 5060084182233
F18224 2.1 kg Natural 5060084182240
F18225 250 g White 5060084182257
F18226 500 g White 5060084182264
F18227 1.0 kg White 5060084182271
F18228 2.1 kg White 5060084182288
F18229 500 g Dark 5060084182295

We recommend that you test a small area for colour matching first. Do not push the filler mixture back into pack once it has been combined with the hardener. Discard mixed material after 10 minutes if unused.