Ready To Use Ultra-Light Filler

High-performance fast drying filler for making speedy repairs to walls and ceilings in just one application

General Details
Product Description

Quickly make repairs to walls and ceilings in just one application, without sagging or slumping. With a super smooth finish there is no need to sand and it can be overpainted in as little as 15 minutes.

Apply straight from the tub with a filling knife to interior and exterior substrates including plaster, plasterboard, wood, concrete, cellular concrete, masonry, roughcast and cement render.

Created in Great Britain and manufactured in France.

Key Features
  • Easy to Use
  • Fill to Any Depth
  • Microscopic Crushed Marble Beads Prevent Sagging
  • Fast Drying
  • Will Not Shrink
  • Smooth Finish
  • No Sanding Required
  • Can be Painted From 15 Minutes
  • Will Not Flash or Grin
  • Remains Flexible Once Dry


Technical Info
Technical Characteristics
  • Mixing: Ready to use
  • Application Depth: Any
  • Consumption: Approx 0.4 kg per m² per 1mm depth
  • pH: 7 – Neutral
  • Drying Time: Depends on substrate, weather conditions and application thickness
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
F18336 1.0 Litre Brilliant White 5060084183360

Do not apply to frozen, wet or damp substrates or when the temperature is less than +5ᴼC. Do not apply outdoors in direct sunlight or during showery periods.