Ready To Use Fine-Surface Filler

A resin emulsion thats ideal for preparing interior walls and ceilings for painting to give an enhanced finish.

General Details
Product Description

A ready to use white paste that’s easy to use straight from the tub. Use it on indoor walls and ceilings to ensure excellent preparation before painting or the application of wall coverings.

Fine-surface filler has a high resin content which, once completely dry, delivers a super smooth surface that has very low levels of absorbency. This means that when applied paint will go much further and will dry with an enhanced appearance.

Created in Great Britain and manufactured in France.

Key Features
  • Easy to Use
  • Long Working Time
  • High Resin Content Delivers Low Absorbency To Help Make Paint Go Further
  • Enhances Paint Finish
  • No Need To Sand
  • Will Not Shrink
  • Can Be Painted
  • Will Not Flash or Grin
  • Solvent Free
Technical Info
Technical Characteristics
  • Mixing: Ready to use
  • Particle size: Fine
  • Application Depth: Up to 2mm per coat
  • Consumption: Approx 1.5 kg per 6m² per 2mm depth
  • Adhesion: Complies with standard NFT 30 608
  • pH: 7 – Neutral
  • Drying Time: Depends on substrate, weather conditions and application thickness. In general for 2mm thickness the product will dry in 12 hours.


Product Code Size Colour Barcode
F18367 330g Tube White 5060084183674
F18368 1.5 Kg White 5060084183681

Do not apply when the temperature is less than +5ᴼC. If over painting with gloss or satin paints then we recommend the use of a primer first.