Multi-Purpose Filler

Versatile, high performance renovation filler that can stick, smooth, level and decorate all types of surface.

General Details
Product Description

Fill, skim, joint, stick and level with this fine white powder containing plaster, calcium carbonate, resins, cellulose fibres and special additives to produce a smooth, quick drying paste when mixed with water.

Ideal for all kinds of interior renovation jobs as well as quickly filling holes and cracks to any depth. Fill & Finish Multi-Purpose Filler will stick plaster blocks, join plaster boards, fix decorative polystyrene roses and mouldings. Flatten, smooth or level all types of substrate and create textured surfaces when used with a roller.

Compatible with a wide range of new or renovated interior substrates including painted surfaces, old and new gypsum plaster, plasterboards, plaster blocks, brickwork, cement, concrete, aerated concrete, concrete blocks, stone floors, primed wood and Artex® ceilings. Once dry it can be coated with all types of paint, other fillers for finishing or covered in wallpaper.

Created in Great Britain and manufactured in France.

Key Features
  • Packs contain individual 1kg bags for small batch mixing.
  • Easy to mix with water.
  • Adheres to painted surfaces.
  • Fill to any depth.
  • Skim up to 10mm
  • Will bond plasterboard to blocks
  • Excellent for creating textured finishes
  • Quick drying time.
  • Easy to sand.
  • Will not shrink.
  • Crack resistant.
  • Can be painted in 24 hours.
  • Will not flash or grin through paint.
Technical Info
Technical Characteristics
  • Grain Size: Extra fine
  • Mixing: For filling jobs requires approx 400ml of water for each 1kg bag. For levelling and adhesive purposes 480ml for each 1kg bag
  • Application Depth: Fill to any depth
  • Consumption: From 0.4 kg per m² (smoothing) to 2.5 kg per m² (decoration)
  • Adhesion: Complies with standard NFT 30 608
  • pH: 7 – Neutral
  • Setting Time: 2 hours
  • Drying Time: Dependent on the nature of the work.
Product Code Size Colour Barcode
F18360 2.0 kg White 5060084183605
F18326 5.0 kg White 5060084183261
F18361 15.0 kg White 5060084183612

Room temperature during application must be between +5ᴼC and +35ᴼC. Open working time as well as drying time can be affected by ambient room temperature. Do not use the paste once it has started to set. Not suitable for damp or exterior surfaces.