Rapid Drying Exterior Filler

Ready mixed and easy to use lightweight paste for rapid repairs on external walls. Fill to any depth and paint in just 2 hours.

General Details
High Speed Filler for Exterior Repairs

Our revolutionary rapid drying exterior filler, is the ultimate ready to use solution for swift and hassle-free repairs on external walls. This easy to use lightweight paste is specifically designed to meet the demands of time-sensitive projects, so you can say goodbye to lengthy waiting times. And start painting in just a few hours.

Easy to Use Formulation.

With its special shrink free formulation, our rapid drying ready mixed exterior filler can fill to any depth on a wide variety of outdoor materials. You can use it to repair masonry, brick, stone, cement, rendering, concrete, and painted facades. So it can be trusted to deliver exceptional results on all your outdoor filling jobs, saving you valuable time.

Created in Great Britain and manufactured in France.

Key Features
  • Easy to Use
  • Fill to Any Depth
  • Quick Drying – Paint in 2 Hours
  • Will Not Shrink or Slump
  • Accepts Solvent Based Paints
Technical Info
Technical Characteristics
  • Mixing: Ready to use.
  • Application Depth: Fill to any depth.
  • Consumption: Approx 0.8 kg per m² per 1mm depth.
  • pH: 7 – Neutral.
  • Drying Time: Depends on substrate, weather conditions and application thickness. Painting is possible 2 hours after application.


Product Code Size Colour Barcode
F18373 1 Litre Tub Off-White 5060084183735

Do not apply to frozen, wet or damp substrates. The application temperature must not be less than +5ᴼC or greater than +35ᴼC. Do not apply at a humidity level above 80%. Not suitable for use on plastic or metal.