Decorators Caulk

Fast drying acrylic gap filler that remains moderately flexible when dry.

General Details

You can quickly fill internal gaps and cracks prior to painting, with our low cost decorators caulk. Its ideal for internal use on low-movement joints like window frames and skirting boards. And can be quickly painted in about 1 hour with most types of paint, or covered with wallpaper once dry.

Key Features
  • Easy to use
  • Solvent free
  • No sanding required
  • Can be painted in 1 hour
  • Available in ECO-PAC packaging

Please note that this product requires an applicator gun. We recommend the Hippo Dual Barrelled Sealant Gun for best results.

New ECO-PACs are aluminium foil sausages that replace traditional single use plastic cartridges. These strong durable packs are easy to use with no mess and contain less than 1% plastic. They’re much better for the environment because they generate 96% less waste volume.

As well as the environmental benefits, you also benefit financially. Because a 400ml ECO-PACs is priced to be better value for money than its smaller plastic cartridge equivalent.

Find out more about ECO-PAC and browse related sealant and adhesive products. 

Technical Info
Technical Characteristics
  • Type of Sealant: Acrylic dispersion
  • Application Temperature: +5ᴼC to +40ᴼC
  • Skin forming Time: Approx 40 minutes (tack free from 15 minutes)
  • Curing Time: 3 to 5 days depending on bead thickness, ambient room temperature and humidity
  • Shore A Hardness: Approx 50
  • Flexibility: Low (+/- 5%)
  • Temperature Resistance: -15ᴼC to +75ᴼC


Product Code Size Colour Barcode Status
H18524 290 ml Cartridge White 5060084185241
H18522 380 ml Cartridge White 5060084185227 Discontinued
H18525 380 ml Cartridge Magnolia 5060084185258 Discontinued
H18345 400 ml ECO-PAC White 5060084183452

For internal use only. Do not use in conditions of continuous water immersion or in conjunction with bitumen or asphalt. Additionally do not use in areas of high abrasion (eg floor joints). Instead we recommend Hippo PRO3.

Please note that whilst this product is flexible, if it is over painted with poor quality paint then the paint surface may crack under excessive movement.